[Mailman-Users] upgrading to python 2.1.2 final.

Terry Kerr terry at bizarsoftware.com.au
Fri Jan 25 09:12:09 CET 2002


I upgraded python on my freebsd 4.3 system from 2.1 to 2.1.2.  I was running 
mailman2.0.7 and 3 fairly low traffic lists.  After upgrading python, I noticed 
that neither posting to lists, or confirming to subscription requests worked. 
The mail log shows the mail being passed to the wrapper without error, but 
nothing else happens.

In an attempt to fix the problem, I upgraded to mailman 2.0.8, but it didn't fix 

I also run Zope on my system, and it works fine with the new python 2.1.2 

Any suggestions?


Terry Kerr (terry at bizarsoftware.com.au)
Chief Technical Officer
Bizar Software Pty Ltd (www.bizarsoftware.com.au)
+61 3 9530 9182

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