[Mailman-Users] size directive not honoured?

Magnus Stenman stone at hkust.se
Mon Jan 28 19:36:01 CET 2002

I have set
max_message_size = 400
in the list's config file, but I can still post large (1 mb+)
messages to the list... Nothing special appears in the logs.
Jan 28 17:02:15 2002 (14036) Test post from stone at hkust.se held: Post to
moderated list
Jan 28 17:03:25 2002 (14080) approved held message enqueued:

Jan 28 17:04:32 2002 (14090) post to test from stone at hkust.se,
size=706573, success

The list is moderated, does a moderator approval override
the max_message_size?

mailman 2.0.8 (rpm)
python 1.5.2 (rpm)
redhat 7.2


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