[Mailman-Users] Messages and web pages translation; Remotely creating Lists

Lafleur Maurice MLAFLEUR at cegep-heritage.qc.ca
Mon Jan 28 23:02:03 CET 2002

Thanks, I will check with the french team and maybe help them out. 
I knew the source has to be used, I just know squat about python and sorta
was looking for a jump start on where the messages are generated. Anyhow...
About creating a new list from the web, is this possible yet or just another
item to add to the wish list?

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Use the Source!
Mailman is opensource.  You may have installed it via an RPM, but you can
just as easily install it via it's source files.  In particular, you can
grep for whatever text you like and change it in the Source.  These issues,
and many others are covered in the "international" mailman list.  You might
find more help if you post there.  I suspect you will also find someone with
the Source already converted...
Jon Carnes

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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Messages and web pages translation; Remotely
creating Lists


I finally get every thing under control and I am getting ready to deploy MM
for many mailing lists. One of them is for a French language college and
they need their interface for users (and eventually for administrator too)
to be translated to French. 

I was able to translate some of it by modifying the HTML using the admin
page , but some of it comes from elsewhere. My question is where? Where in
the code can I modify, for example button faces, so they show their purpose
in another language. Some messages are canned too and I would like to modify
them. Is there a central point where all messages and button faces are kept?

Secondly, I was asked if lists could be created remotely through the web
instead of using a login to the server? 

Thank you 

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