[Mailman-Users] forbidden unsubscribe

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Mon Jan 28 23:41:08 CET 2002

Go into the /etc/aliases file and put:
  urmyslvs: :include:/etc/aliasfiles/urmyslvs

Create and directory called /etc/aliasfiles
  mkdir /etc/aliasfiles

Create a file in the directory called "urmyslvs"
  cd /etc/aliasfiles
  vi urmyslvs
     now enter the email addresses one per line.

Once done, type newaliases.  You have created an email list called:
urmyslvs at localhost.com

Jon Carnes
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>    How can I make a list that no user can unsubscribe from?
>    This list contains all users from the mail server.
>    Thanks.
>    Zeca
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