[Mailman-Users] mailman + postfix + virtual domains

matthew.malthouse at guardian.co.uk matthew.malthouse at guardian.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 13:06:40 CET 2002

On 29/01/2002 00:50:12 Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:

>I have a postfix daemon running, accepting and delivering mails for my
>local domain and a few virtual domains.
>Now I want to integrate mailman as listserver for one of the virtual
>(!) domains.
>My problem is:
>The output generated by bin/newlist applies for 'alias'-style maps and
>not for a postfix 'virtual' map. And this is where my problems start:

I'm uncertain how this might work on one machine as I host many virtual domains
on a relay while the list servers are on other machines.  However, for what it
might or might not be worth:

Relay's virtual file

lists.this.domain.tld                DOMAIN
@lists.this.domain.tld             @lists.real.address
# sends all mail for @lists to lists machine

On the lists machine aliases as normal.

Now perusing the Postfix book it looks as if you should be able to do what you
want on one machine like this:


virtual.domain                         DOMAIN
list at virtual.domain                    list
list-admin at virtual.domain              list-admin
list-request at virtual.domain            list-request
list-owner at virtual.domain              list-admin

another.domain                         DOMAIN
thing at another.domain                   thing
thing-admin at another.domain             thing-admin
thing-request at another.domain           thing-request
thing-owner at another.domain             thing-admin


list:                    "|/mailman/mail/wrapper post list"
list-admin:              "|/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner list"
list-request:            "|/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd list"
list-owner:              list-admin

thing:                   "|/mailman/mail/wrapper post thing"
thing-admin:             "|/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner thing"
thing-request:           "|/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd thing"
thing-owner:             thing-admin

However since each "list" in a virtual domain points at a local "user" and those
local users must be unique so too the list names must be unique over ALL the
virtual domains:

ie you cannot have

mylist at virtual.domain  and mylist at seconddomain.

Mmm...  perhaps worth saying again, I'm looking at a book, I *haven't* set it up
like this myself.


NB: The book refered to is "Postfix", by Richard Blum, Sams Publishing.  ISBN

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