[Mailman-Users] Delays and Lag-Outs from AOL?

Johnathan Vail vail at newts.org
Thu Jan 31 15:43:21 CET 2002

This is an odd one to pin down but I thought I would fly it up the
flagpole and see if anyone salutes...

I recently upgraded both my server (from Red Hat 6.2 to 7.2) and
Mailman (to the latest 2.0.8).  I am getting complaints from people
using the admin and archives pages (mostly from AOL I think) that the
pages are real slow and often time out.

I have checked for stale locks and tried to replicate it.  I actually
was able to replicate the problem from AOL and while it was lagging I
still had quick response locally and using lynx from a remote site.

At the time AOL was lagging on the mailman pages it was able to get
straight pages from the apache server.

While it seems like an AOL problem it also seems to have been
something that the recent upgraded is triggering.

Any ideas?



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