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Well, Will, here's said article you were so "unable" to 
"connect to" http://www.spamfaq.net/spam-evils.shtml#opt_in 
which, for anyone with lots of time on their hands, who have
nothing better to do than read lengthy diatribes by radical
anti-spammers, it's one in a long list of timewasters, but,
for a concise, to the point, understandable, definition which,
probably fits the scenario Michael was asking about see:

Anyone going to a list sign-up form, and submitting:
william at hq.newdream.net would yield **you** being
"opted-in" (subscribed) whether **you** wanted to or
not, or whether it was actually **you** who submitted
form. But, with "double opt-in" you would **only** be subscribed
**IF** you replied to a confirmation, hence, the term
"double opt-in" or as you prefer "confirmed opt-in". 

However, if a robot snakes it's way through the web, 
and harvests your email address and then adds it to a 
list or lists, without asking, then, you have neither "opted-in" 
nor "confirmed" since you were gratiously, and possibly,
maliciously added by the robot with no verification process. 

Therefore, your optin, er, I mean opinion; that ALL opt-in
that is "actually" opt-in is "confirmed," is not logical. 


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| David Gibbs wrote:
| > "Michael Keukert" <pmk at scp.de> wrote in message
| > > I'm using Smartlist at the moment, but I need a mailing list manager
| > > which provides double opt-in features.
| > > Does Mailman has it?
| > 
| > Based on the definition of double opt-in that someone pointed me to, I would
| > say the answer is yes.
| Note that "double opt-in" is a loaded term, used mostly by spammers.
| ALL opt-in that's actually "opt-in" is confirmed.... 'confirmed opt-in'
| is also a good term.
| I can't connect to it right now, but there is a more detailed
| explanation of the term (and the anti-spam community's objections to it)
| at:
| http://www.spamfaq.net/
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| Will Yardley
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