[Mailman-Users] mailman v2.0.10 question

Devin devin2 at theinternet.info
Sat Jun 1 01:00:09 CEST 2002

I posted to the list before I was subscribed but apparently my message 
was never approved...

I'm using mailman version 2.0.10. When I try to change the case of my 
list name, the first option on the General Options page, I get denied. 

Sprinkler-newsletter to Sprinkler-Newsletter
real_name attribute not changed! It must differ from the list's name by 
case only.

Is this a bug?

Also, is there any way that I can edit the templates used when sending 
confirmation and welcome emails? I don't want my welcome emails to 
include instructions on how to post to the list because posting is 
restricted to the admin.


devin2 at theinternet.info

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