[Mailman-Users] Email Header

Doug La Farge doug at holdit.com
Tue Jun 4 21:15:41 CEST 2002

The avenue for being removed is not through any Mailman 
functionality.  The footer for the email will have instructions for 
how to leave the list.  Basically, the user must email the Admin who 
will then remove the user from a Contact List manager - which is 
where all of the email addresses originate.  Again, I'm using 
separate functionality to collect email addresses. There is a one way 
stream from the MySQL database to the MailMan list. The Admin is 
using the list to send out a weekly news letter - that is the only 
piece of email that should ever be sent to the list.  With this in 
mind there is little instruction needed other than how to 
unsubscribe. It occurs to me that Mailman is overkill for our needs. 
I thought about hacking a script to edit the virtualusertable file 
with sendmail to simply send to an alias. This leaves a security hole 
- anyone can send to the alias which is not desired.

So where's the template for the email that's sent out? :-)

At 3:07 PM -0400 6/4/02, Scott Courtney wrote:
>On Tuesday 04 June 2002 02:00 pm, Doug La Farge wrote:
>>  header including the following:
>>  >List-Help: <mailto:sonjaspears-request at SonjaSpears.com?subject=help>
>>  >List-Unsubscribe:
>Are you sure you don't want to leave these two in? Generally it's considered
>good netiquette to make it easy for people to exit a list of which they, for
>whatever reason, no longer wish to be a member. Or they may wish to set their
>subscriptions to digest mode, or temporarily turn off mail while on vacation.
>The list-help address is useful in documenting how to do these things.
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