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Doug La Farge doug at holdit.com
Tue Jun 4 23:07:48 CEST 2002

At 2:58 PM -0600 6/4/02, LuKreme wrote:
><quote who="Doug La Farge">
>>  The avenue for being removed is not through any Mailman
>>  functionality.
>why do you need mailman?

Because the user of this list needs to be able to send from their 
Outlook Express client with all the fancy images and formatting. 
It's a bit of a tedious job to "migrate" the email produced in 
Outlook containing all those either local or remote images to a web 
form or text file. Currently I have functionality that allows the 
Admin to send their newsletter via a web form interface but here 
again it's tough to get the images and formatting "just right".  I'm 
certainly open to suggestions on other ways of doing this but it 
needs to be "dumbed-down" to users that only understand Outlook 
Express.  Know what I mean? :-\

>for $name in list_of_emails
>  sendmail $name < letter.txt
>(clean that up to talk to your SQL database and do the pulls, etc).

Yeah, I've got a basic little Perl script that already does this 
including the SQL pull. Heck, maybe I can have sendmail write the 
file to "letter.txt" and run a cron job to send it.  I guess the 
question is where will the images end up....

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