[Mailman-Users] Even posts to unrestricted lists require admin approval

Ramon Cahenzli rca at spin.ch
Wed Jun 5 09:27:59 CEST 2002


I have set up Mailman 2.0.11 (upgrade from 2.0.8, problem present there too), sendmail 
8.10.2 on a Linux 2.2.16 box. So far everything runs perfectly well, i.e. posts come through 
to the wrapper and are sent out.

The DNS situation is that Mailman is running on a webserver (www.foo.com) which has an 
MX list entry for foo.com at highest priority. All mailing lists are instructed to prefer 
"foo.com" as domain name instead of www.foo.com. This actually works just as expected 
so far - mails to foo_list at foo.com get through to the wrapper.

I have two mailing lists with EXACTLY the same settings. The only difference is that they 
have different members. Both are unrestricted, in "Privacy Options" the option "Must posts 
be approved by an administrator?" is set to No, member_posting_only is off, "Addresses of 
members accepted for posting.." is empty. 

For list 1 all posts (whether from a member or no) are held for approval and I get a message 
on the admin e-mail. On list 2 all posts go through just fine.

What am I doing wrong? I fail to see the error after several hours of trying various things. 
Even deleted one of the lists and recreated it just to see what would happen -- same 



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