[Mailman-Users] RE: digest sent to list posting address, why?

hostmaster at rattletrap.shults.org hostmaster at rattletrap.shults.org
Thu Jun 6 01:43:12 CEST 2002

hmm, well, if no ideas, can anyone confirm whether or not this is expected 
or unexpected behavior?

would a list of related settings from the admin webgui be useful?


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> From: Steven [mailto:steven at shults.org] 
> Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 7:28 PM
> To: 'mailman-users at python.org'
> Subject: digest sent to entire list, why?
> Hi,
> I'm running 2.0.11
> One of my new lists sent the first digest to the list posting 
> address today 
> from listname-admin at hostname.tld 'on behalf of' 
> listname-request at hostname.tld
> to listname at hostname.tld
> Coincidentally(?) the time stamp matched that of a post I had 
> approved and which was sent at the same time as the digest.  
> It was a simple plain text post I'd approved (mime is 
> disabled for the list in question.) 
> My impression had been, from the digest settings I'd chosen 
> in the admin webgui, that the digest would only be sent to 
> list members who had opted to receive the digest instead of 
> separate posts.  I'm baffled by the digest having been mailed 
> to the list posting address and therefore all members of the 
> list.  (and a thought which just came to mind, will the 
> digest be included in the next digest since it went to the 
> list address? ug.)
> I've searched the admin webgui settings and found nothing, 
> I've read the readmes and found nothing, I searched 
> http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py with all the strings 
> and search types I could think of and came up with nothing.  
> I browsed through the TOC there and found nothing.
> What am I overlooking?  How do I prevent the digest from 
> being sent to the entire list via the list's posting address? 
>  I had 7 unsubs within 10 minutes of that going out, so I'd 
> like to prevent a repeat.
> tia,
> ~steven

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