[Mailman-Users] errors in subscription process

Steven Shults hostmaster at shults.org
Fri Jun 7 03:48:23 CEST 2002

hi brian,

I had the same problem with the virtusertable in sendmail, might be
similar to the exim problem, don't know, never used exim, but in case it

the catchall aliasing you describe ([anything]@domain.tld -->
brianslocalinbox at domain.tld), which in sendmail is defined in the
virtusertable (by default /etc/mail/virtusertable) doesn't get along so
well with the local aliasing in /etc/aliases where the aliases for the
mailman wrappers are found.   seems the virtusertable doesn't see the
wrapper aliases and ignores them, so instead of the mail to
listname-request@ going through the wrapper and being processed, it goes
back to you by courtesy of the aliases in /etc/alias which the one of
the readme's says to set up.

May or may not work in exim, but I suggest having them disable the
catchall alias, define any specific aliases you need instead (other than
the wrapper aliases, leave those as is) and restart exim and try again.

worked for me in sendmail to solve the same problem anyway.


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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] errors in subscription process
> I'm getting errors in the subscription process.
> Background: I'm not sure whether this is a problem
> with the way my ISP has mailman set up or if it is
> something I can fix. The MTA in use there is Exim 3.35
> #1, and it is configured such that all mail to my
> domain that isn't directed to a particular account
> goes into my inbox.
> When users subscribe to my list they get the "reply to
> this to confirm" message. When they respond to that
> message, *I* am getting the message (ie. the messages
> aren't getting routed to listname-request at domain.org).
> Is this simply an Exim problem that I need to get my
> ISP to fix?
> Thanks for suggestions,
> -Brian St. Pierre
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