[Mailman-Users] Cannot Modify Welcome Message

Steven Shults hostmaster at shults.org
Fri Jun 7 22:38:54 CEST 2002

Hi Benjamin,

Rather than blank, leave this in subscribeack.txt:


that's the element which pulls in the welcome text from the admin


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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Cannot Modify Welcome Message
> Hi all,
> I'd like to leave the welcome message blank, so that the prepend text
> becomes the entire message. I don't have access to the server 
> but my host
> has been trying out all the suggestions provided. It was 
> suggested here that
> the subsribeack.txt file be left blank but when this is done, 
> the welcome
> message is blank and the pre-pend text is not inserted.
> I thought maybe there had to be something to prepend above, 
> so had the admin
> insert a line of text - but the welcome message now only 
> includes that one
> line, never the prepended text. Is there a command that needs 
> to be included
> in the subscribeack.txt file that would pull the pre-pend 
> message and insert
> it properly?
> Has anyone else successfully modified their welcome message 
> so that the
> pre-pend text becomes the entire welcome message? My host 
> thinks this may be
> a bug in Mailman 2.0.
> Thanks!
> Benjamin
> P.S. I apologize if this was posted twice. My email client 
> returned an error
> message the first time.
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