[Mailman-Users] Dump subscriber list

Devin devin2 at theinternet.info
Tue Jun 11 00:32:32 CEST 2002

Rodolfo Pilas wrote:
> The $prefix/bin/list_members script obtains a raw list of members from a
> list but it is needed to have shell access to obtain it.
> Is there are any way to obtain a list of subscribers through the admin
> web interfase?
> Thank you.

In List Administration -> Membership Management simply highlight the 
email addresses and 'copy.' When you paste into a text file it should 
result in all of the addresses being printed, one per line, nice and 
neat. of course, if you have several pages of subscriber emails you will 
have to do this for each page. hope this helps. worked for me when I 
just needed a text file of all subscribers.

devin2 at theinternet.info

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