[Mailman-Users] Configuring sendmail

Mike Watson mikew at crucis.net
Tue Jun 11 03:34:56 CEST 2002

I'm pretty new to all this.  I'm trying to setup a maillist for a small group at
our church.  I have a server running RH 7.2 Linux and mailman 2.0.11.  RH has the
software installed as well as setting up Apache.  I created a test list and
everything looks OK.  I also created a mail alias for "list-owner".  The problem
is when I reply to the confirmation message, the e-mail fails with a sendmail
error 511 "list-request at host.net" does not exist.

I've reviewed all the documentation and I haven't found how a mail address is
linked to mailman.  If I create a mailbox for "list-request" what directory
should be used, /home or something else, /var/mailman/mail?

Mike W

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