[Mailman-Users] questions from a beginner

Yves Bajard netcfs at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 14 02:08:05 CEST 2002

Dear colleagues:

I am beginning to use mailman as a vehicle to support several discussion 
groups on the space I buy from a commercial server in Ontario. I would like 
one of the lists to let all messages go through and be broadcast without 
having to be approved by the administrator, except those of administrative 
nature and incoming SPAM.

I would also like the archives to be public, and the list of subscribers to 
be restricted to members, without the constraint of forcing them to use a 

I also would like to put all incoming messages of relevance to our theme on 
a newsgroup.

Now, I have gone to my administration site, and
(1) opened the general options page:
    * no problem for the list name, address of administrators, general 
title and descriptive introduction, the prefix, the welcome message to 
newcomers and the regrets message to those who leave.
    * I have  chosen to
        * have the replies sent to "this list",
        * nothing in the "explicit reply to";
        * answered "yes" about    "Check postings and intercept ones that 
seem to be administrative requests?";
        * "no" to "Send password reminders to, eg, "-owner" address instead 
of directly to user",
        * no change to the suffix
        *  Yes to the item"Send monthly password reminders or no?". I do 
not see what the sentence "Overrides the previous option." means or implies..
        * Yes to "Send welcome message when people subscribe?"
        * No to "Should administrator get immediate notice of new requests, 
as well as daily notices about collected ones?"
        * No to "Should administrator get notices of subscribes/unsubscribes?"
        * No to "Send mail to poster when their posting is held for approval?

(2) Then I went to the privacy page and did the following:
    * asked for the list to be advertised
    * limited the manoeuvre for subscription to "confirm"
    * limited access to the list of subscirbers to the administrators
    * answered "not " to "Show member addrs so they're not directly 
recognizable as email addrs?"
    * Answered "no" to "Must posts be approved by an administrator?"
    * Answered "no" to  "Restrict posting privilege to list members? 
    * Did not put any address in the box for " members accepted for posting 
to this list without implicit approval requirement. / while not fully 
understanding what the next sentence" (See "Restrict ... to list members" 
for whether or not this is in addition to allowing posting by list members 
" meant.
    * Answered yes to "Must posts have list named in destination (to, cc) 
field (or be among the acceptable alias names, specified below)?", and did 
not put any aliases in the next box
    * and left the rest at default
3. For the archives, I did keep the default, i.e, messages to be archived, 
archives open to the public, set date of sending to refer to the message 
and kept a monthly organization.

4. I did not touch the other pages, although I would like to organize the 
list so that a newsgroup sic related and takes on the archives.

5. In spite of all that, the administrators still receive the messages sent 
to the list for approval.. Wher does th thing go wrong and what should we do?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice

Yves Bajard

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