[Mailman-Users] Pipermail date oddity

Jon Parise jon at csh.rit.edu
Mon Jun 17 06:20:26 CEST 2002

On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 08:28:09PM -0400, jgotts at linuxsavvy.com wrote:

> Wouldn't it be trivial to redate a message that comes across dated 7 days in
> the future or in the past?  That would presumably filter out the worst sort of
> delivery delays.  Or perhaps you could add a line to those messages with
> obviously bad dates and use that for the archiver rather than compromising the
> original date.

>From Mailman 2.1b2+:

# This sets the default `clobber date' policy for the archiver.  When a
# message is to be archived either by Pipermail or an external archiver,
# Mailman can modify the Date: header to be the date the message was received
# instead of the Date: in the original message.  This is useful if you
# typically receive messages with outrageous dates.  Set this to 0 to retain
# the date of the original message, or to 1 to always clobber the date.  Set
# it to 2 to perform `smart overrides' on the date; when the date is outside
# ARCHIVER_ALLOWABLE_SANE_DATE_SKEW (either too early or too late), then the
# received date is substituted instead.

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