[Mailman-Users] Help with arch

Bob Stout rbs at snippets.org
Thu Jun 20 06:37:01 CEST 2002

I haven't received any replies on this, so I thought I might give it one
more try...

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Bob Stout wrote:

> OK, I tried arch to import my old procmail archives. From
> /usr/lib/mailman/bin, I used...
> ./arch <listname> <mbox>
> ...where <mbox> was a local copy of one of the old archives containing
> message from back in 1999. Instead of importing them correctly, it only
> seemed to bloat the size of the May-2002 archive without increasing the
> apparent number of messages in the detailed view. I now have a May-2002
> archive of over 6 Mb with only 122 messages. Whether these are still
> valid or not is debatable since arch did *something* to bloat the
> archive from its original 1 Mb.
> The Procmail archives appear to be in standard mbox format, appearing
> identical to my Pine folders. What have I missed?!? At least my
> June-2002 archives appear untouched...

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