[Mailman-Users] Digest mode bug in 2.1b2

Peter Bengtson peter.bengtson at musikelit.nu
Tue Jun 25 09:03:49 CEST 2002

Mailman 2.1b2 allows subscribers to select digest delivery mode - even
if the list is set up not to deliver digests at all. What happens then
is that these subscribers do not get any mail at all. The admin is not
informed, but when the list of subscribers is browsed, he is informed
that "there are certain subscribers who will not receive any mail", but
not who these are, which means that he has to go through the entire
roster by hand to find them. In my case, a list of 2600 subscribers.

This has to be regarded as a severe bug.

Why is it possible to select digest mode at all for a list which doesn't
have digests enabled?

	/ Peter Bengtson

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