[Mailman-Users] Digest mode bug in 2.1b2

Support Desk cprg at cprg.net
Tue Jun 25 13:51:15 CEST 2002

Many admin settings and details are here: 

For your specific question, this is not a bug, Mailman is not just
another out of the box, ready to go, software; there are many ways
to customize it, but you have failed complete your customization. 

Edit your list information pages to remove those links you do not
want YOUR subscribers to use: 
which is accessable through your admin panel, contains "options" 
remove or <!-- comment_out --> the digest button and mime/plaintext
options rows, and any other options you have disabled. 

You may wish to include a notice on list info page, and in footer or 
header informing subscribers that NO digest is available, although, 
some would question whether this is wise, it IS your list, to run the 
way you see fit. 

Although a few of your subscribers may send a help command to
the robot, and receive the command list, if you include the notice,
and they send a digest command anyway, then it's their fault for 
not reading your new custonized documentation. 


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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Digest mode bug in 2.1b2

| Mailman 2.1b2 allows subscribers to select digest delivery mode - even
| if the list is set up not to deliver digests at all. What happens then
| is that these subscribers do not get any mail at all. The admin is not
| informed, but when the list of subscribers is browsed, he is informed
| that "there are certain subscribers who will not receive any mail", but
| not who these are, which means that he has to go through the entire
| roster by hand to find them. In my case, a list of 2600 subscribers.
| This has to be regarded as a severe bug.
| Why is it possible to select digest mode at all for a list which doesn't
| have digests enabled?
| / Peter Bengtson

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