[Mailman-Users] An other whish for umbrella lists

Frank Thommen thommen at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Jun 25 17:28:56 CEST 2002


My problem with umbrella lists - besides those mentioned in previous postings -
is, that all prefixes of the chained lists are prepended to the mail subject. 
Normally our umbrella lists are lists composed of lists which are used by
themselves, too.  Every list (also the umbrella list) has it's own prefix.

Sending to the umbrella lists gives me subjects like:

  "Subject: [umbrella][sublistN] some topic".

Instead, I want

  "Subject: [umbrella] some topic"  for all postings to the umbrella list


  "Subject: [sublistN] some other topic" for posting to the specific sublists.

I.e.: Mailman should suppress printing of the list prefix if the mail comes from
some other (local!) list or from a defined list senders (similar to the
acceptable_aliases setting).


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