[Mailman-Users] How the archives get indexed

Kirez Korgan kirez at cornell.edu
Fri Mar 1 04:33:55 CET 2002

    I still haven't found a solution to getting my archives into
reverse-chronological order. I emailed Mailman-Developers on this, and
nobody responded, maybe I shouldn't have posted there. I've been searching
through the archives of Users and haven't found anything yet. There
certainly is nothing in the documentation. There's nothing in config_list.

    Does anybody know where, in the code, the chronology or indexing of the
archives is set? That might give me something to tweak.

    Again, I need for the most recent messages to appear on the top of the
page, not the bottom. I used to use MHonArc, and this was a variable one
could set: either chronological order, or reverse-chronological.  As I
opined before, chronological order is patently stupid. Jon Carnes says his
are, by default, in reverse chrono. Well, mine --- also 2.0.8. -- are by
default in chrono. That means there's a toggle switch somewhere. Can anybody
make an educated guess, where?


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