[Mailman-Users] Help with Relay Spammers

Greg Rees greg at countryhardware.com.au
Sat Mar 2 08:25:12 CET 2002


I have just been bombarded with those dreaded relay spammers.  My setup is
RedHat 6.1, Sendmail with Kmail front end, and Apache.

To get Mailman-2.0.8 working on my setup, I had to "enable relay control" in
Sendmail so that mailman would be able to send out messages to the list. Things
have been working as expected with messages sent to the list and messages
going out to the members of the list.

Today I had to go into Linuxconf and to the Sendmail part to "disable relay
control", by doing this, all messages sent to the list are killed off because
Sendmail thinks the messages are spam messages (which they really are) but not
those dreaded relay spam messages that some people take enjoyment to send

I have read most of the documentation to find no mention of this occurance,
maybe I skipped over the part without knowing or maybe it is not mentioned

Does anyone know how I can get arround this problem with Sendmail or Mailman.



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