[Mailman-Users] List Database error

MikeT at scitechsoft.com MikeT at scitechsoft.com
Tue Mar 5 17:59:58 CET 2002

I am receiving the following error:

Feb 28 20:50:26 2002 (4190) XXXX.XXX.win db file was corrupt, 
using fallback: /home/mailman/lists/XXXX.XXX.win/config.db.last

When I run:
~/mailman/bin/check_db XXXX.XXX.win it states
/home/mailman/lists/XXXX.XXX.win/config.db is fine
/home/mailman/lists/XXXX.XXX.win/config.db.last is fine

Do I need to create a new List?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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