[Mailman-Users] Installation on Mac OSX

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Wed Mar 6 02:10:12 CET 2002

Did you in fact create user mailman? It's complaining it doesn't exist.

If you've created it, it may be that mailman and/or python needs to be made
netinfo aware. But I kjnow others have gotten mailman running fine under
MacOS x. it's something I've got on my plate for Real Soon Now (in fact,
talked ot my boss about that today....)

On 3/5/02 4:26 PM, "Jon Carnes" <jonc at nc.rr.com> wrote:

> Alas, I havn't played with the Mac OSX (though folks in my LUG say it's
> Xtremely cool...), so I don't know how the system sets users/groups.  Some
> other folks on this list in the past have written treatises about this very
> subject.  Perhaps a dive into the Archives will part the veils?
> Again, good luck.  You've made it a fair distance already!
> Jon Carnes
> --- Original Message: Tuesday 05 March 2002 05:22 pm ---
>>    File "/Users/mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py", line 502, in ?
>>      MAILMAN_UID = mailman
>> NameError: name 'mailman' is not defined
>> Somehow, I made it through this in the ./configure portion of the game.
>> Now, it appears as though a few of the Python scripts aren't happy.
>> This is almost enough to make me want to go back to majordomo (ACK!!  He
>> said the "m" word!!!) but I think I'll hold off for a bit and see how
>> this part of the saga plays out.

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Very funny, Scotty. Now beam my clothes down here, will you?

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