[Mailman-Users] Virtual Hosting Question

Kirez Korgan kirez at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 6 04:18:46 CET 2002

I am having a problem with virtual hosting with mailman and sendmail.

All outgoing messages from the mailman software have both an envelope-from
and a header-from, from the wrong domain!

For example, if I send a subscribe request to list-l-request at good.com, the
response comes from list-l-request at bad.com.

The text of the message is correct -- telling me to email my confirmation to
good.com, but it also says I can just hit reply --
which would, naturally, go to bad.com.

I would like to do whatever is necessary to sendmail.cf so that subscribers
to lists at good.com need never know about bad.com.

But also, users of bad.com need to continue to have their outgoing mail say
the right thing, without disturbance.

I have a virtusertable, and that works just fine for incoming.  I read
somewhere that I could set up a genericstable, which I think I did, for
outgoing mail, but that doesn't seem to help.

Is there a simple webpage where I could obtain some useful help with this?


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