[Mailman-Users] Problem getting mailman to work.

Devin devin at whatyoulookingat.net
Fri Mar 8 00:42:16 CET 2002

I am running FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE, Sendmail 8.11.6, and
I installed mailman into /home/mailman. Everything seems to work
ok but I am having a problem.

I created a test mailinglist, and then i tried to subscribe another
e-mail address and I get the first message asking me to hit reply
and send the message back to test-request at phpcodeguru.com. I notice
that when I send the reply back with the auth code in it, it just
ends up in my mailbox, it doesn't automatically add the user to
the mailinglist?

I ran ./check_perms and it said that it didn't find any problems.

I am wondering if for some reason my sendmail isn't doing the wrapper
correctly, but I don't see anything that indiciates a problem? I notice
it talks about making some link, but I don't understand that?

Any help please?

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