[Mailman-Users] Re: Feedback needed: nodupes patch and reply-to munging per user

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Mar 12 07:04:30 CET 2002

+1 for removing dupes by default.

This patch would be a great additon to "Umbrella" lists.  Most folks assume 
that Umbrella lists work this way anyway...

BTW: I'm all for making it the default.  As someone pointed out earlier, 
Mailman acts as an Adjunct or part of the MTA, so it should follow similar 
rules.  The default for any MTA that I've used is to remove dupes.

Jon Carnes

 --- Original Message: Monday 11 March 2002 05:50 pm ---
> While dupe removal is enabled by default in mailman-cvs, it cannot be
> forced on by the list owner or site owner (they can only set the default
> setting) What this means is  that when you sign up, you simply need  to
> make sure you uncheck the box that would remove dupes.
> > If I want to remove duplicates, there's a three line procmail recipe that
> > does it perfectly (I'm told).
> Yes, it does.
> > Let's see the problem otherwise. If a user does not receive its copy
> > through the list, s/he'll write to the listmaster to ask "why?". I don't
> > want these questions! If their expectations are that they can ask this
> > from a listserver, they'll also expect it to work 100%, which cannot be
> > guaranteed.
> Ah, you want as a site owner to not have dupe removal enabled?
> Ok, then after installing mailman-cvs, make sure you set
> DEFAULT_NEW_MEMBER_OPTIONS to 0 (or make sure it doesn't contain 256).
> If you are a list owner, the interface also allows you to not set nodupes
> by default for new users.
> This  will cause  the mailman  to  send dupes  by default,  unless the 
> user changes the setting and explicitely asks to not receive them.
> If that isn't acceptable, you could then remove the option by ripping it
> from templates/en/options.html|readme.txt and MailCommander.py
> > Lots of trouble for something only "hackers" might want - and hackers
> > have procmail.
> I beg to differ. If  that were true, I wouldn't have spent  the time to
> port Ben's  patch. I've had  many list  users  on windows  system complain 
> about dupes.  Unix  users typically don't  complain, or  go away happily 
> when you show them procmail.
> Marc

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