[Mailman-Users] Listserver subscription results

Mihail Tsagidis mihail.tsagidis at bay4you.de
Tue Mar 12 11:41:11 CET 2002


I have following that I don't know how to solve.

The user is sending via the form from the webinterface his subscription
information (email and password). After sending this information the server
shows up the "list-name Subscription results" page, where I can read the
"Confirmation from your email address is required, to prevent anyone from
subscribing you without permission. Instructions are being sent to you at
tsagge at gmx.de. Please note your subscription will not start until you
confirm your subscription."

My questions are:

1. How can this webpage show up in a popup window. I mean in a seperate

	(I suppose I have to do this with javascript).

2. Where can I change the text (code) for this results-page ???

best regards,
Mihail Tsagidis

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