[Mailman-Users] (no subject)

Robert Wilson pic1969 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 14 21:40:17 CET 2002

I have the same problem with spam. This change would be nice, but in the 
mean time, I set the default setting to reject by changing the following 
lines in admindb.py. It made it much less painful.


    buttons.AddRow([Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DEFER, 1)),
                    Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.APPROVE, 0)),
                    Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.REJECT, 0)),
                    Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DISCARD, 0)),

    buttons.AddRow([Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DEFER, 0)),
                    Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.APPROVE, 0)),
                    Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.REJECT, 1)),
                    Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DISCARD, 0)),

>From: jgillon at wfubmc.edu (John Gillon)
>To: <mailman-users at python.org>
>Subject: [Mailman-Users] (no subject)
>Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:25:00 -0500
>My mailing lists managed through Mailman are being regularly spammed to the 
>tune of 20 plus messages per day, and although the mail does not get 
>through the various filters and restrictions, scrolling and checking to 
>delete or reject these messages has become a major time commitment.  I 
>would recommend that you enhance the Administrative requests interface by 
>simply creating a "check all" option and also enable automatic deletion of 
>messages that would otherwise be held for approval.

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