[Mailman-Users] send personalized mail to all members of the list

Mihail Tsagidis mihail.tsagidis at bay4you.de
Fri Mar 15 15:18:03 CET 2002


I want to use the mailman list as a newsletter.

How can I sent personalized Mail to the list. What we want to achieve is
that within the mail appears the E-Mail Adresse of the recipient, like "Dear
Subscriber. You have subscribed with E-Mail Address <E-Mail Address > to
this list...."

Can someone point me to the right direction?

Mihail Tsagidis

Bay4you Marktplatz GmbH & Co. KG
Weintraubengasse 2
D-90403 Nurnberg
Tel. 0911 / 81025-0
Fax. 0911 / 81025-11
Web: www.bay4you.de

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