[Mailman-Users] Mm friendly ISP/web host?

Christopher Kolar ckolar at imsa.edu
Fri Mar 15 15:47:18 CET 2002

Hi all.  I am soon going to lose my broadband (moving to the countryside), 
which means that the server in my office is going to disappear.  I was 
wondering if you all could suggest an ISP or web hosting company whose 
accounts allow you (both technically and as part of the TOS) to install and 
run Mailman under a hosted domain.  Thanks much for any suggestions.


Christopher G. Kolar
    Coordinator of Information Technology Integration
    Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  ckolar at imsa.edu  --  www.imsa.edu/~ckolar
         [PGP Public Key ID: 0xC6492C72]
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