[Mailman-Users] Mailman on iPlanet

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Sat Mar 16 02:51:13 CET 2002

At 02:39 PM 3/15/02 -0700, Bryan Kobler wrote:
>I have successfully setup Mailman on Apache and Sendmail.  I am now trying 
>to get it setup on iPlanet messaging server 5.1.  I haven't been able to 
>find many resources on special settings in iPlanet I need to do for 
>Mailman to work.  My attempts haven't resulted in a working setup.
>My main problem is with the mail aliases, I can't get those setup to do 
>their thing, adding them to the iPlanet aliases file doesn't work.

Not sure it's *possible*...  We're just starting to test iplanet
5.2 with the idea of migrating from our sims 3.5 installation.
You need to set up aliases that feed a program channel virtual
address.  However, in 3.5 at least the program pipeline, while
a stock part of pmdf, appears to be crippled, and sun doesn't
support it, since sims didn't need it.

In theory, you'd set up local aliases like

foolist-request   foolist-request at pipe.your.iplanetdomain.com

and in your imta.cnf file specify config options for the program
channel that match the pipe domain.  You might need more than
one, depending on the args you need.   (Note this is based on memory
of 3.5, but it's largely the same pmdf core in 5.1 and 5.2)...

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