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Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sat Mar 16 04:30:36 CET 2002

See the FAQ at the bottom of this message.

The answer though, is that it really depends on the hardware and the network 
that are running the Mailman install, plus the frequency of posts to the 
list.  My best guess on average server hardware that is less than 2 years 
old: 250,000 users.

For anything higer than that, your going to need really good hardware, and a 
fast reliable disk subsystem.  You'll also want to tweak your system to match 
the loads... see the archives and the FAQ for some really good advice based 
on practicle experience.

Jon Carnes
 --- Original Message: Friday 15 March 2002 09:05 am ---
> Hello,
> Can someone tell me what is the maximum size (number of subscribers) that
> the Mailman program can comfortably handle?
> Thanks in advance,
> Cat Mannix
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