[Mailman-Users] Digest having attachments per message

Gary Bjork LCMLadmin at d-web.com
Sat Mar 16 17:49:35 CET 2002

Hello Sam,
March 15, 2002, 1:04:41 PM, you wrote:
SW> Hi folks, we just changed over from an old server to a new one.  A couple
SW> users are telling me that they are receiving file attachments for each email
SW> sent.  They are subscribed to receive the messages via the digest version.
SW> The old server didn't do this.

SW> Does anyone know if this is a setting in Mailman?  If so, where?  I can't
SW> fins it in the Admin user interface, but you can imagine how annoying this
SW> is.

SW> Thanks

SW> Sammy
 I beleive this is a user setting for receiving in MIME or plain text.
  When in Mime the digest is exploded into its individual posts, in
  plain text it's all stuck together

 Gary                            mailto:LCMLadmin at d-web.com

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