[Mailman-Users] installation help, pretty please

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Sun Mar 17 18:48:12 CET 2002

At 13:30 +0000 3/17/2002, Mark Johnson wrote:
>the install seemed to go fine, there was a strange message when i setup the
>test list, something about "getpass may echo passwords" apart from that its
>all goo. i can see the list web pages fine etc.

Older Python version...which should not be a problem.  It's warning you
that, when bin/newlist prompts you for a password for the administrator of
the new list, the call to getpass() *might* show what you type.

This is a problem if
   1.  it actually does show what you typed (you already know whether it
did); and
   2.  you're in the habit of setting up mailing lists with bad guys
looking over your shoulder.

>This message was created automatically by mail delivery software (Exim).
>"A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
>recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
>  mark1 at port7.co.uk
>    Child process of list_transport transport returned 2 from command:
>    /home/mailman/mail/wrapper"

I'll defer the above to others who have encountered the problem.  It would
likely be helpful if you mentioned what mail transfer agent (MTA:
sendmail, Exim, Postfix, qmail, etc) you are using, and what Linux/Unix

John Baxter   jwblist at olympus.net      Port Ludlow, WA, USA

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