[Mailman-Users] Webserver access problems (Permission denied on config.db)

Frank Thommen thommen at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Mar 18 16:31:00 CET 2002


I have problems with access permissions from the webserver to the mailman
list database:

admin(24095): IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied:

The mailman directory is NFS shared (rw) to the webserver (apache 1.3.11,
Solaris 2.6.1).  The "newlist" script creates all files with ownership
mailman:mailman.  Most of them are world-readable, but not the config.db
file, which has permissions 660.  Therefore it is not readable by the httpd
(which runs as httpd:httpd) and the *whole* mailman-webinterface breakes.

Is there a solution to this problem which does *not* require to change
access permissions of all lists files manually after each "newlist"?

I am grateful for every hint.


Frank Thommen, IT Support Group, D-INFK, ETH Zuerich
E-Mail: thommen at inf.ethz.ch; Tel: +41-1-63 27208 (Mo-Do)
Web: http://www.isg.inf.ethz.ch

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