[Mailman-Users] Bounced messages

Peter Bengtson peter.bengtson at musikelit.nu
Tue Mar 19 00:39:50 CET 2002

Looking through my 3 MB large log of bounced messages since October, I
see a lot of bounced messages, but they never seem to result in any
deactivated or removed subscriptions. (And yes, all lists are configured
correctly and operate as they should.) There is a lot of entries similar
to "0 more attempts allowed", but further messages do not trigger a
removal or deactivation.

Does the mechanism work? Is there any explanation available as to how it
works? How do the three parameters interact:

	- Minimum number of days and address has been non-fatally bad
	  before we take action

Non-fatally bad? In what way? What kind of action?

	- Minimum number of posts to the list since member's first
	  bounce before we consider removing them from the list

What does "consider removing them" mean in this case?

	- Maximum number of messages your list gets in an hour (Yes,
	  bounce detection finds this info useful)

_How_ does bounce detection find this info useful?

Grateful for any light anybody may shed on this rather murky area of
Mailman. So far, not a single subscriber has been deactivated
automatically. And we have large lists - one contains over 3000
subscribers, another has 400 subscribers with at least 30 messages a day.

	/ Peter Bengtson

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