[Mailman-Users] GNU Mailman on an Ensim

Clark E. Morgan cmorgan at fusioncm.com
Mon Mar 18 20:58:50 CET 2002

I've got a relatively new Ensim Webppliance machine via RackShack and have
been givng some thought to installing Mailman as I had on a RaQ from
another, heretofore to remain nameless, provider. I figure inside the
chrooted sites would be a great way to run it, removing the limitation on
duplicate listnames across different domains. But after solving a few minor
problems, I'm stuck on a big one, no compiler in the chrooted virtual sites.

Has anyone succesfully installed Mailman on one of these boxes? I found the
following lines in the existing httpd.conf:

# MailMan
# If you have Mailman, the mailing list manager package
# installed, uncomment these lines to enable mailman functionality.
#ScriptAlias /mailman/ /usr/share/mailman/cgi-bin/
#Alias /pipermail/ /usr/share/mailman/archives/public/

which suggests to me that someone at ensim has, preliminarily at least,
given this some thought. I could be way off base here, maybe it's just part
of RedHat's distribution.

At any rate, if anyone has any experience, sucessful, with this effort,
please advise. Thanks in advance.

Clark E. Morgan

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