[Mailman-Users] clone_member -rq not working?

David A Gilbert dagilbert at raytheon.com
Tue Mar 19 01:53:23 CET 2002

Answer to my own question:
Looks like the default in Defaults.py is SMART_ADDRESS_MATCH=1
When set to 0, my problem below no longer occurs. Doesn't seem very
intuitive to me that the remove would take place after getting the
MMAlreadyAMember error, but I guess since the addresses are considered
equivalent, it is operating as expected. Don't think SMART_ADDRESS_MATCH=1
should be set as a default setting.

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                    03/18/2002           Subject:     clone_member -rq not working?                             
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When I do the clone_member -r  as below,  all the mailing list
subscriptions get removed for that user instead of cloned to the new
address.  Am using Mailman 2.0.6 on RedHat Linux 7.2. Is there any reason
why this wouldn't work? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks,

Logged in as mailman user:
bash-2.05$ ./find_member dagilbert
bash-2.05$ more ../tmp/users
dagilbert at west.raytheon.com
bash-2.05$ ./add_members -d ../tmp/users -w n junk-obejas
bash-2.05$ ./find_member dagilbert
dagilbert at west.raytheon.com found in:
bash-2.05$ ./clone_member -rq dagilbert at west.raytheon.com
dagilbert at raytheon.co
    original address removed: dagilbert at west.raytheon.com
bash-2.05$ ./find_member dagilbert


David A Gilbert
Raytheon Company
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