[Mailman-Users] domain name error in configuration

Farhan Ahmed ahmedf at alienfluid.com
Wed Mar 20 06:47:23 CET 2002


i successfully installed mailman-2.0.5 and even made a test list .. but 
the problem is that the email i receive from the system containing the 
information on the list i created contains no "From:" field! also, when i 
try to subscribe from another email address, the confirmation email has no 
"From:" field too and hence i am unable to confirm the subscription!! the 
body of the email contains info like .. "send email to test@       " .. as 
evident, the domain name is missing after the "@" sign ..

what did i miss in the configuration ? .. what should i do ?




Farhan Ahmed
Project Leader - FreeLinuxTraining.org
farhan at enawabs.com

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