[Mailman-Users] One-click unsubscribe?

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sat Mar 23 08:54:24 CET 2002

Setup an email address that goes to a script...
  news-auto_unsub: |/usr/local/sbin/news-auto_unsub.sh

Let the script setup the email for you, or if you want to get fancy, have it 
actually to do the modification to nomail...

If you use smrsh, you will need to put a link to the script in your smrsh 
home directory (this lets sendmail know that the script is authorized to be 
exicuted via sendmail).

 --- Original Message: Friday 22 March 2002 01:04 pm ---
> My first attempt nearly worked, but not quite.  I set this link in the
> press release:
> <a href="mailto:news-request at pacificommultimedia.com?subject=set nomail on
> <pass>?body=--">unsubscribe</a>
> This works fine for Eurdra users, but not Outlook users because that email
> client doesn't recognize the "body" tag.  The subject looks like this:
> set nomail on <pass>?body=--
> This works (insofar as the nomail option was properly set), but returns an
> error to the user's email and I'm afraid that they may not realize that
> they've actually been removed and complain loudly. =(
> If I don't have the "?body=--" in there, and the user has a signature, once
> again they get errors from mailman (even though the operation was
> successful).
> So, does anyone know a good way to provide this "one click" removal from a
> list?  I'm not too concerned about HOW to do it, just so long as it gets
> done.  If I need to create a web page/perl script, that's fine.  Thanks a
> ton!
> Ryan Hagan
> Pacificom Multimedia
> ryan at pacificommultimedia.com

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