[Mailman-Users] mailman suddenly eats mails

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Mon Mar 25 17:21:12 CET 2002

It is also typical of cron's response to a sudden temporal anomaly (that
is, an imprudent hand setting of the machine's clock).

[This is semi-well-known.  I found it out when the boss accidentally set
one machine's clock to sometime in year 202X, waited a bit, and set it
back.  My every few minutes job stopped being run...I think cron was
waiting patiently for that date/time in 202X, but I didn't wait around to
find out.]

It's best after a temporal anomaly to restart the server.  AT LEAST restart
(not HUP) the cron daemon.  [YMMV:  all crons are not created equal...all
ats even more so.]


At 10:37 -0500 3/25/2002, Jon Carnes wrote:
>This is typical of cron being stopped.  Check to make sure that cron is
>running and that the cron entries for user "mailman" are correct.
>If cron is not the problem, try running qrunner by hand (look at the cron
>entries for the proper format).
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>> Hi,
>> we have here a mailman installation that used to work
>> without problems, but since a few days, it doesn't
>> deliver any mails. Also, there are no error messages
>> whatsoever in mailman's log files, so I don't have the
>> slightest idea what could be wrong (I'm not the only
>> admin on that machine, so maybe someone has changed
>> something, but no one would admit to it).
>> All I can see is that the mail is piped into the mailman
>> wrapper, and absolutely nothing happens after that - nothing
>> in the mailman logs, and nothing anywhere else:

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