[Mailman-Users] Thanks and GID error...

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Mar 26 19:09:21 CET 2002

This is definitely in the FAQ (see the bottom of the email message).

You don't need to un-install, but you do need to re-install.  Take a look at
what is running as your MTA (sendmail, postfix, exim, qmail, etc...) and
figure out what Group it runs as.  If you are using Sendmail, you can:
  grep DefaultUser /etc/sendmail.cf

The response will be something like "O DefaultUser=8:12".  The first number
is the userID and the second number is the groupID that sendmail runs as.
So you would configure mailman using "--with-mail-gid=12"

Your error message indicates that your MTA is trying to run as groupID 1
GID = 1 is normally something like "bin", which IMHO is not a good thing...
and definitely not something that Sendmail does.

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> First off, thanks for everyone who helped me out yesterday, the response
> was incredible, you folks are awesome.
> Secondly, I ran into a GID error stating...
> Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 6, GOT gid 1.  (Reconfigure to take 1?)
> 554 5.3.0 "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post russ"... unknown mailer error
> 2
> Do I just uninstall mailman and reinstall it using the --with-cgi-gid and
> --with-mail-gid options, and somehow set them to 1?
> Are there any other variables I am going to have to use?
> Is there an easy way to uninstall mailman?
> Are you becoming quickly annoyed at my inept questions?
> Thanks...
> Russ Jones
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