[Mailman-Users] newbie question: is there a 'list or file or db' where the bounce mailaddresses are stored ?

Paul Croft paul at paulsfunhouse.com
Thu Mar 28 00:56:51 CET 2002

Your asking for a list of bounced addresses?  That list would be millions 
of addresses long...I doubt if anyone has anything like that!

Your best best would be to input the addresses into the lists and let the 
software do the work!

This is of course JMHO


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At 05:01 PM 27/03/02, Lothar Egger wrote:

>of course not all email-addressee are correct :)
>so we need a list of bounced email-addresses to update our db's .
>is there such a list or file in mailman ?
>thanks in advance

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