[Mailman-Users] Mail not getting through, but w/ no error message

RUSSELL P JONES rjones at email.unc.edu
Thu Mar 28 16:50:53 CET 2002

Ok, so after some help from a few very awesome folks... I reconfigured
mailman using the --with-mail-gid=1

the email i was receiving back said that it was looking for gid 6 but was
getting gid 1, so I recompiled with that gid. I looked through etc/passwd
and the daemon is set as gid 1. I dont know what that means, but I went
with it anyway...

well, now when I send a message to a listserv,  I do not receive an email
telling me that the gid is wrong, but the email also does not get through
to the members of the listserv. Its as if it just gets stuck somewhere...

Any ideas? Any log files I could look at for clues? 

Everything else is still working great, web stuff still works, it still
sends out welcome messages when you add people to groups, etc...

If its any help, the mail server is linux based. I am actually operating
a web server from a win2k box and the mail server from a separate unix
box, the web stuff is administered from the ip of the mailserver.

With that being said, should i just put myself out of my misery, or are
there any ideas?



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