[Mailman-Users] Re: weird locking problems

Will Yardley william+mm at hq.newdream.net
Sat Mar 30 02:48:30 CET 2002

Dan Mick wrote:
> What you're seeing is that the lock file timestamp is in the future,
> and that's by design; the file timestamp is used as the 'expiration
> time' to break stale locks.  It's normal behavior.  Do you think it's
> causing problems?
> (This 'feature' of ls is not well known, but that's what it does for
> times in the future.)

that was what i thought (the future timestamp).

however on other installations of mailman i hadn't noticed this
(although now that i look, all of the locks on the other machines are
pretty old, so perhaps time caught up with them...).

in any event, i wasn't sure if this was the problem; however removing
the locks generally fixes the problems (ie messages on the list won't
appear and after removing the locks, they do).

in any event, i suspect either nfs problems or something weird with
debian's installation.

also, some of the config files and all of the archive / mbox files are
from an older installation of mailman, so it's possible that something's
screwed up that way.

Will Yardley
input: william < @ hq . newdream . net . >

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