[Mailman-Users] New user question

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Sun May 12 04:35:15 CEST 2002

>>>>> "AcLA" == AerosmithFanClub com List Admin
>>>>> <listadmin at aerosmithfanclub.com> writes:

    AcLA> 	Well damn that sucks.  This is one of the areas of
    AcLA> this program that whoever wrote it got just a little too
    AcLA> anal.  It is JUST a mailing list.  Heck I ran a list under
    AcLA> Majordomo for 8 years w/o a single spam coming across the
    AcLA> list and no one getting unsubscribed without them doing it
    AcLA> themselves.

Heck, I ran Majordomo too for many years.  But the 'net's changed a
lot since then and I think we do a disservice to the community by not
recognizing that fact.
    AcLA> That is a great product.  It is very easy to
    AcLA> use and nowhere near as complicated and cumbersome as
    AcLA> Mailman.  I had to change because my host changed server
    AcLA> packages and they only use Mailman now.  My suggestion is to
    AcLA> make this a LOT simpler and do away with all the levels of
    AcLA> control and protection.  Its way overkill.

For some people, sure.  For others, it's essential absolutely
essential.  The challenge is to build a system that is convenient for
both audiences.  We can't hope to achieve perfection, and fortunately
it's a mostly free world, and totally free software.
    AcLA> The simplicity of using plain old email to subscribe and/or
    AcLA> unsubscribe is much preferred over the web interface and
    AcLA> passwords.

So use them instead.  Mailman's got an email interface, and it's
actually been much improved for MM2.1.
    AcLA> On top of that all those damn extra headers that
    AcLA> are added to each email are a total pain.  If you (whoever
    AcLA> you are) would make it so that each list could be configured
    AcLA> the way he list master wants rather than force certain
    AcLA> methodologies on us would greatly be appreciated.

I guess I'm now "whoever you are". :)  Some people hate the headers,
others see them as the standards-compliant way to improve the user's
experience.  But with your site admin's approval, you will be able to
suppress these headers in MM2.1.


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