[Mailman-Users] approval from posting

Mike Noyes mhnoyes at users.sourceforge.net
Wed May 15 14:39:09 CEST 2002

On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 12:56, Jessie Kleefstra wrote:
> We are in the process of converting all of our distibution lists to
> Mailman lists. A customer has just sent me an email asking why she has
> received a request to approve a posting from herself to the list when she
> is the list administrator? Is there a reason why this is happening?

There are many possible causes for the problem you describe. You may
want to have her read the "GNU Mailman List Management Guide v 2.0". It
should answer most of her questions.


Mike Noyes <mhnoyes at users.sourceforge.net>

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